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For over 60 years we’ve been an innovator in the field of industrial coatings. This led to the development of a range of low and zero VOC UV Curable coatings. Our UV Curable coatings are for various substrates, and meet the application needs of our customers.


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  • Satin UV Clear


    Cardinal's U4UA-CLE02 is solventborne UV curable urethane acrylate satin finish. This product exhibts a smooth satin finish, reduced burnishing resistance, ease of application, fast tack time and a good cure speed Read More
    Typical Uses
    - Fine musical instruments
    - Fine satin finish
    - Fast tack time
    - Burnish resistance
    - Ease of application
  • High Gloss Polyester UV Clear


    An unsaturated polyester / styrene clear top coat designed to be used on wooden musical instruments. Characteristics include high clarity, high gloss, and excellent levelling and sag resistances. Buffing can be readily achieved utilizing 1,000 grit sandpaper, followed by buffing with Menzerna #18 and 16 compound. Read More
    Typical Uses
    - Musical instraments
    - Fast cure response
    - Excellent sand-ability
    - Inter-coat adhesion
  • Polyester Basecoat


    Cardinal's U4PA-CLE25 is a solventborne high build UV curable styrene unsaturated polyester basecoat. This product can cure with UV or peroxide cure. It exhibits sag resistance, great sanding properties and fast cure speed. Read More
    Typical Uses
    - Fine musical instruments
    - Sag resistance
    - High build
    - Great sandability
    - Cure speed

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The type of substrate that you’re looking to coat will play a huge role in deciding which coating will work best.  Each has its own particular challenges that need to be addressed if the coating is to work.  We've a wide range of high quality products so customers can make the right choice when picking a coating for any type of substrate.

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